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Friday, September 08, 2017
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Future Gladesville

On the 9th of November 2015 Council replaced Chapter 4.4 of the Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013 with a new Chapter 4.4 which incorporated the findings from the Future Gladesville Project.

This new chapter 4.4 Gladesville Village Centre (Locality Specific Provisions) has a completely different look and feel. Please follow the link below to view the new document.

Chapter 4.4 Gladesville Village Centre

The adoption of this new set of development controls for the Gladesville Village Centre concludes the Future Gladesville Project. Thank you to all those from the community who gave of their time and energy to have input into the project.

History of Joint Strategic Planning – Gladesville Commercial Area
Hunter’s Hill Council and City of Ryde


In 2002 Hunters Hill Council and City of Ryde formed a partnership to develop a planning framework to guide the rejuvenation of the Gladesville Town Centre and Victoria Road Corridor. Together they commissioned the preparation of a Master Plan for the area. The consultants, Annand Alcock Urban Design were appointed to prepare the Master Plan. Its preparation was informed by a heritage study of the Gladesville shops prepared in 2004 by Paul Davies, Architects and Heritage Consultants.


Assisting with preparation of the Master Plan was a Gladesville Reference Group drawing representation from stakeholders and community including the Gladesville Chamber of Commerce, Gladesville Public School, Gladesville Police and local landowners. The Master Plan was completed in 2005 and was placed on public exhibition and comment was sought from the wider community. The Master Plan laid out a 25 year vision for the development of the subject area focussing on urban design outcomes such as pedestrian and cyclist connectivity, managing urban design forms and encouraging landscaping and new open spaces.

Building on the findings and recommendations in the Master Plan the two Councils agreed to jointly develop new Local Environmental Plans (LEP) and Development Control Plans (DCP) for the subject area. These documents together provide the planning framework for all development.


The Councils were successful in obtaining a grant from the State Planning Reform Fund to prepare the relevant LEPs and DCPs. The associated Memorandum of Understanding between the Council's and the Department called for a technical working group to include Departmental representation for the preparation of the draft planning controls. That Technical Reference group also included the Ministry of Transport and the RTA.

Preparation of the draft LEPs and DCPs were also informed by an Economic Sustainability Study and Parking and Access Study. This second study tested the traffic implications of the scale of development anticipated under the draft planning controls. That study concluded there would be little impact on Victoria Road as a result of increased development potential. It also concluded that the impact on local streets could be managed by installing local area traffic management devices such as roundabouts and slow points.

In line with the joint approach to this project the exhibition of the Hunters Hill and City of Ryde LEPs and DCPs were simultaneous. That allowed those with an interest to appreciate the implications of the proposals for the whole of the centre and corridor.

The draft LEPs and DCPs were publicly exhibited from Monday 7 November 2008 until Friday 27 February 2009. After exhibition all submissions received were reported to the respective Councils and amendments were made where warranted.


Both councils adopted the relevant Gladesville LEPs and DCPs in 2010. At the time the State Government was encouraging Councils to consolidate their LEPs and DCPs under one umbrella document. To address this both Hunters Hill Council and then City of Ryde prepared a comprehensive LEP and DCP for their areas. These comprehensive documents included the controls developed through the Gladesville master planning work.


In 2014 in response to development occurring in the Gladesville area, Hunters Hill Council embarked on the Future Gladesville project to further define the community’s aspirations for the “look and feel” they wanted in a changing Gladesville. This work is included as Chapter 4.4 of the Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan.

The joint studies and plans referenced above are listed in the table below.

The majority of studies can be accessed by via the following link (48MB PDF), however if you are interesting in accessing some of our planning documents which have been superseded please contact our senior strategic planner: Philippa Hayes on ph.: 9879 9442

Joint Planning Studies Undertaken for the Gladesville Commercial Area

Name of Plan/Study Prepared by Date
The Gladesville Shops Heritage Assessment and Conservation Guidelines Paul Davies Heritage Consultants for Hunter’s Hill Council and City of Ryde 2004
Revitalising Gladesville Town Centre and Victoria Road Master Plan Report Ann and Alcock Urban Design for Hunter’s Hill Council and City of Ryde 2005
Gladesville Town Centre Master Plan Economic Sustainability Hill PDA Consulting for Hunter’s Hill Council and City of Ryde 2005
Gladesville and Victoria road Corridor Parking and Access Study TAR Technologies for Hunter’s Hill Council & City of Ryde 2007
Gladesville Town Centre Review of Controls for Block 21 Brett Newbold Urban Planning for Hunters Hill Council 2009
Local Environmental Plan (Gladesville Town Centre and Victoria Road Corridor) 2010 City of Ryde 2010
Gladesville Town Centres & Victoria Road Development Control Plan 2010 City of Ryde 2010
Local Environmental Plan 2010 (Gladesville Village Centre) Hunters Hill Council 2010
Gladesville Village Centre Development Control Plan 2010 Hunters Hill Council 2010
Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012 Hunters Hill Council 2012
Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013 Hunters Hill Council 2013
Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 and Ryde Development Control Plan 2014 City of Ryde 2014
Age Friendly Gladesville Strategy Cred Community Planning Hunter’s Hill Council and City of Ryde 2014
Gladesville Town Centre Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan ARUP for Hunter’s Hill Council and City of Ryde 2014
Gladesville and Victoria Road Corridor Traffic Impact Assessment Update Hunters Hill Council 2014
Future Gladesville Rewriting of Chapter 4.4 Gladesville Village Centre of Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013 Hunters Hill Council 2014
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