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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Planning News & Updates

Exhibition and Information Session for the Gladesville Planning Proposal

The planning proposal applies to land bounded by Massey, Cowell and Flagstaff Streets, Gladesville. The subject land includes the Gladesville Shopping Village.

To learn more about the upcoming events involving the planning proposal, please refer to our Gladesville Planning Proposal page at http://www.huntershill.nsw.gov.au/GPP.

NSW Strategic Planning

Greater Sydney Commission

The Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) has recently released the “Draft Greater Sydney Region Plan - Our Greater Sydney 2056”. This plan sees Sydney developing with three city centres – the harbour city, the river city and the parkland city. Further information on these draft documents can be found at: The Greater Sydney Commission (GSC)

In conjunction with the work being done by the GSC, Transport NSW has published its draft Draft Future Transport Strategy 2056. The Draft Future Transport Strategy is a vision for how transport can support growth and the economy of New South Wales over the next 40 years. This strategy is underpinned by a number of plans including the Draft Greater Sydney Services and Infrastructure Plan. Visit Future Transport.to view the plans and provide feedback.

NSW Planning Administration

On 14 August 2017 new legislation was introduced that requires the City of Wollongong and all Sydney Councils to have Local Planning Panels (Independent Hearing and Assessment Panels) in place by 1 March 2018. From this date no development applications in Sydney or Wollongong will be assessed by Councillors as this role will handled by council staff or the members of the planning panels. The panels include 3 members with experience relating to areas such as public administration, law, tourism or development assessment and one community representative. Council’s submission about the panels can be found on our webpage and further information about this significant change can be found at Department of Planning and Environment - Independent Hearing and Assessment Panels

The Department has recently commenced a review of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (the Regulation).

This review follows proposed changes to the Regulation’s parent Act, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). While the EP&A Act provides the overarching framework for the planning system in NSW, the Regulation supports the day-to-day requirements of this system.

For further information refer to Department of Planning and Environment - EP and A Regulation Review

Local Planning News

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Individual Heritage Significance Statements are currently being prepared for Council’s conservation areas and Council has endorsed an action plan for public domain improvements at the Gladesville Commercial Centre. For further information on the public domain improvements intended for Gladesville please refer to Planning & Heritage/Future Gladesville

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