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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Local Planning Panels

On 14 August 2017 new legislation was introduced that requires the City of Wollongong and all Sydney Councils to have Local Planning Panels (previously called Independent Hearing and Assessment Panels) in place by 1 March 2018. From this date no development applications in Sydney or Wollongong will be assessed by Councillors as this role will handled by council staff or the members of the planning panels. The panels include 3 members with experience relating to areas such as public administration, law, tourism or development assessment and a community representative.

Council’s submission about the panels can be found on our website under Planning & Heritage/Submissions and further information about this significant change can be found at Department of Planning and Environment - Independent Hearing and Assessment Panels.

Councillors and Mayors will not be permitted to be on the panels in their local government area, nor are property developers or real estate agents.

Expression of Interest

Hunters Hill Council is currently seeking Community Members for their Local Planning Panel. Council will require 2 community members to represent the north and south wards and 2 alternates.

Your role as a LPP community member is a part-time, paid role with an anticipated start date in March 2018. Members are paid according to the number and duration of the meetings they attend. Remuneration and allowance will be set by the Minister for Planning. Rates are likely to be based on the current rates for members of regional planning panels.

Local community representatives should:

  • Be current residents of the local government area (LGA)
  • Have knowledge and awareness of the LGA and issues of concern to the local community
  • Be able to represent and communicate the interests of the local community
  • Have an understanding of the planning process and assessment issues (but are not expected to be experts)
  • Commit to attending Local Planning Meetings and contributing constructively to determine applications.

Application Form for Local Planning Panel (LPP) Community Representative

5:00pm on Tuesday 19 December 2017
is the closing date for all applications.

Further Enquiries: Senior Strategic Planner Philippa Hayes ph.: 9879 9400

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