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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities Policy

Council is required under Sec.253(1) of the of the Local Government Act (1993) to give public notice of its intention to adopt or amend a policy for the payment of expenses or provision of facilities and allow at least 28 days for the making of public submissions.

A copy of the Draft Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors Policy is available to download below.

There are a number of proposed amendments to the policy arising mostly from the changes to the legislation that have occurred since the policy was last reviewed and from the inclusion of additional information as provided by the Office of Local Government’s (OLG) suggested template for Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policies.

The changes include:

1. Amendments to Purpose, Background, Professional Development and Definition Sections as suggested by OLG template.

2. The replacement of the word iPad/Tablet or computer with the word Device to ensure the policy provides flexibility in the provision of IT equipment to meet future technological changes..

3. Inclusion of additional sections – Objectives, Principals and Private or Political Benefits as suggested by OLG template.

4. Updated references to relevant legislation and review requirements.

The proposed deletions to the policy are shown with a strikethough. Proposed additions and changes to the policy are shown shaded.

Enquires may be directed to the Customer Service Centre on 9879 9400. Written comment, addressed to the General Manager, will be received until 4.00pm Tuesday 30 October 2018.

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