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Wednesday, January 09, 2019
Walking a dog

Being a responsible dog owner

Dogs must be on a leash and under the effective control of a competent person at all times when in public places including roads and footpaths unless it is an “off leash area”.

As a responsible dog owner you need to be familiar with the legal requirements of the Companion Animals Act 1998 and the associated regulations.

When on a leash, your dog must not be allowed to jump at a person or animal.

In off-leash areas you are still required to have effective control over you dog.

If a dog defecates in a public place or on someone else’s property, the person in control of the dog must IMMEDIATELY remove the faeces and dispose of it properly. Penalties apply for failing to immediately remove faeces.

Council provides dog waste clean-up bags at all off-leash areas as well as some other reserves.

There are 4 off-leash exercise areas in the Hunter’s Hill LGA.

  • Clarkes Point
  • Lower Gladesville Reserve
  • Tarban Creek Reserve – east side
  • Riverglade Reserve – eastern end

The Act also states that no person can control more than four dogs at the one time, including professional dog walkers.

In addition there are no areas of bushland in the Hunters Hill LGA where a dog is allowed to be off leash.

The impacts of dogs on native bushland and wildlife include:

  • Dog faeces add nutrients which promote weed growth
  • Dogs trample native vegetation
  • Running and barking dogs scare or injure native wildlife displacing them from bushland areas. The injury to wildlife may cause their subsequent death

Research has found that walking dogs in bushland significantly reduces the number and species of birds found in these areas.

Also dogs off leash are more prone to attack by other free roaming dogs as the dog owner has less control in the event of an attack. There’s been an increase in dog attacks in the LGA.

Council Rangers will be issuing on-the-spot fines to dog owners for not keeping their dogs under effective control and other infringements of the above regulations.

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